What a busy day in the kitchen!

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Food is a beautiful way of bringing people together from all walks of life. It’s something you can enjoy together, a way to start a conversation and forge new friendships. In this way, the Bite Buddies project is really about that: using food to bring a community together. 

You’re probably wondering how I got on with the cooking. Well thankfully it wasn’t too early a start and the day was as beautiful as it could get. The sunlight was streaming through the kitchen window, brilliant for the all important filming!

I was running late so rushed into the building to see my cooking partner, Jannette had already begun to organise the recipe into easier steps. I put on my apron and immediately started helping with the prep.


Also another cooking duo, Cerine and Winta, were in the midst of preparing their homemade pizza (I won’t say I wasn’t jealous…). Definitely a busy kitchen, with more people than could fit in mine for sure!

Our recipe was quite easy to prepare and cook, and was actually finished earlier than we had expected. We took photos of the preparation of the ingredients (although there are only so many ways to take snaps of chopped onions) and then began cooking in the kitchen.


I’ve never made a cooking video before. And I’m wondering if I ever should again. Not that this was a bad experience! I just felt rather more self conscious than I usually do when cooking, but again this was a simple recipe so there wasn’t much room to slip up. Whilst Jannette handed me the ingredients in the correct order I had to explain what I was doing whilst I was doing it.


It was pretty much one of those recipes where you chuck everything into the pot (in order) and let it cook so thankfully nothing complicated! However I took this a bit too literally, so when it was time to dunk in the fish fillets some sauce escaped the cooking pot…

Whilst our onions were browning, the other pair’s pizza was done and believe me when I say it looked delicious! I’m definitely going to have to try homemade pizza one day.


We also cooked some couscous to go with our tagine, and thanks to Alicia she saved our couscous from being undercooked (tip: make sure you cover the couscous with cling film when adding boiling water). 

Jannette had brought an actual Moroccan tagine from home which made the whole dish feel much more authentic. After taking a few more snaps of the finished product we sat down to eat our lunch.


While we were eating, Jas and Vas began to make their choco-berry sponge cake. I’m sorry to say I couldn’t stay for the cake, though looking at the pictures I really wish I had!

It was definitely interesting making a cooking video alongside cooking something that I had never made before. The tagine looked and tasted great, and has inspired me to make something similar at home.



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