Recipes that bring people together

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The Bite Buddies were on hand again to bring the group together through food and technology, with the cooking and filming of their exciting dishes. Last week we luckily sampled several mouth-watering desserts plus comforting savoury dishes (for a recap on last week click here). This week proved just as successful, with many instances of overcrowding at the dining table.


First up to cook were Jadian and Charlotte with their ‘Courageous Cottage Peachy Pie’. There was such a beautiful contrast in colour, texture and taste of the sweet potato against the normal mash. They showed us that stencilling is not limited to cakes and crafts, as the Bite Buddies logo was carefully cut out and stencilled over the baked pie using a mixture of herbs and smoked paprika. This not only enhanced the aesthetics of the dish but also added depth to the flavour.


Tip: Jadian’s mum Lola swears by using an electric whisk to achieve extra fluffy mash.

I don’t know about you but, I most certainly will be using this technique myself.

While sister, Jadian was busy preparing, 7-year-old Jamari helped add to the breakfast refreshments by making croissants with mum, Lola. Sputniks, one of the desserts from last week also saw their place at the breakfast table (not the same batch of course!), as Julie decided to try her hand at this moreish, no-bake recipe.


For those who love the one-pot dishes, Jenny’s family recipe of seasoned fish with rice and vegetables is sure to satisfy. Together with daughter, Eboney-Mae the pair started with a generous double helping of carbs (rice and potatoes), followed by a medley of vegetables, topped with salmon which was left to steam on top. It looked and tasted divine!


We were yet again blessed with a wonderfully hot Summer’s day on Sunday. It was perfect BBQ weather befitting for the sticky BBQ chicken wings Jamari and Joy made together. Once the succulent sticky wings were ready, they had everyone at the table clambering for a bite of the fall-off-the-bone wings.


The Bite Buddies had fun working out the recipes and putting the finishing touches to each dish. Jaye showed off her creative skills in food carving by making strawberry roses to decorate her group’s pancakes. Jaye made pancakes in a trio, alongside her granddaughter, and 9-year-old Nashyrah. If you would like to try your hands at making some strawberry roses here is a step-by-step guide from Make sure you get an adult to help you with the knife work.


The last dish of the day, ‘Lilly Cuisine’ consisted of mac’ n’ cheese alongside peri peri chicken, and was created by Shai-lilly and her mum. Their filling and flavoursome dish brought everyone around the table yet again! And was a great way to end the cooking sessions.


The next stage in this exciting adventure is workshop 4, the editing of the bite buddies cooking videos on Sunday 16th August with Craig (Video Editor).

Do come back next week, to see photos and to hear about how the editing session went.



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