Making my 50/50 pizza

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Diary of a bite buddy

I was very happy with the taste and end result!

Cerine (12 years old)


Yesterday, I cooked with my bite buddy partner, Winta, which was very exciting. Winta and I made a 50/50 pizza. My half was a puff pastry base, and Winta’s half was a reduced gluten base.


First we fried the courgettes, then the peppers. Then we cooked the chicken for about 5 minutes.

After everything was combined we started on the base. First we spread the tomato purée on our half of the pizza.


Then we added the fried topping of chicken and vegetables, along with cheese and some pesto (we made this ourselves!). When we finished adding lots of topping, we put it in the oven to cook.


When it was ready we served it with a side salad, which had toasted pine nuts on top! Yummy!


I was in charge of slicing the pizza 🙂


I was very happy with the taste and end result. It was so yummy, that I also took some home to eat later.



Where did we cook?

At Cornerstone House,
where they have a lovely kitchen!

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