The Jas and Vas Choco-berry Sponge Cake

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Diary of a bite buddy

It was funny cooking with Vas because he kept eating all the ingredients. He said we had too much chocolate, so he ate some!

Jasmine (12 years old)




This diary entry is about me cooking my mastepiece.


I got paired up with my bite buddy and he is called Vas.


We decided to bake a sweet treat, so we chose to make ‘The Jas and Vas Choco-berry Sponge Cake’! Yum – it sounds delicious!


When we were cooking our cake we also filmed a video which will be put up on the website.

When we were making the cake together I found that decorating and some of the mixing was easy. But the hardest part was mixing the butter into the mixture.


I found making the cake fun. I also shared my cake with the other bite buddies.


Who will cook next?

The final cook + film session
will see 5 more pairs cook

See cooking times