How to make ‘Courageous Cottage Peachy Pie’

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Diary of a bite buddy

My dish was so yummy, that my mum asked me to make it again.

Jadian (9 years old)


Hi, my name is Jadian, and my bite buddy is called Charlotte.

On Sunday we went into the building where the Bite Buddies cooking project was taking place. The first thing we had to do was to collect our ingredients and equipment. 


Together we started to prep our ingredients. Alicia showed me how to chop onions (which made me cry), and carrots. We then used the palm of our hands to squash garlic. Lastly we peeled the skins off the potatoes.


When we finished preparing our ingredients Charlotte and I went into the kitchen. We boiled our sweet potatoes and normal potatoes in separate pots so they wouldn’t mix together. Then we cooked down the onion, garlic and carrots.

We were filmed while we were cooking, (which was so much fun). A few minutes later we added the mince into the hot frying pan as we gazed at it, the mince meat transformed chestnut brown.

While the potatoes were boiling away I grated some cheese. My mum, who was there to help me and the other bite buddies cook, also helped me grate some cheese. Once that was done, I mashed the potato with the potato masher which was hard work. It made my muscles ache, so my mum suggested to use the hand mixer, which was a lot easier. Thanks mum!


Next we poured the mince in the casserole dish, then added half original and half sweet potato on the top of the meat. Then we sprinkled cheese over the cooked meat and placed it back into the oven for 25 minutes to melt.

We waited and waited and waited. Actually Charlotte waited because I went and played Giant Jenga with Jasmine outside while the pie was in the oven. 25 minutes later I heard the alarm clock ring and rushed in, to the most amazing smell.

To finish it off we sprinkled mixed herbs and paprika onto the pie using the Bite Buddies logo.


I was so proud of myself. My dish looked great and was so yummy!


Everyone enjoyed it, especially my mum, so much so that she asked me to make it again for dinner last night! This time I only used sweet potato. Here is a photo of my second pie, which I made at home for my family.


What’s happening next?

All the cooking videos have now been filmed,
so next we need to edit them.

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