Cooking with my daughter

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Diary of a bite buddy

My daughter and I both thoroughly enjoyed the cooking session. We both found it a fun challenge from start to finish. 



Hi,  I’m Jenny & my bite buddy is my daughter Eboney-mae. 

For the first session we talked about foods we both like, and decided that we’d make a family recipe, ‘Seasoned Fish with Rice and Vegetables’.


It was time to cook our dish on Sunday 9th August so we set off for Cornerstone House and on arrival we were met by our hosts and the team – who had breakfast and refreshments ready, so thoughtful!

We washed our hands and put on our aprons to start preparing our ingredients.


Eboney-mae rinsed the sieved rice under cold water, whilst I sliced the onions, and chopped the carrots and peppers evenly. Alicia also helped assist by peeling the potatoes.


Once all the vegetable were washed, the potatoes were then par-boiled 

Eboney-mae carefully cooked the onions in butter to soften, whilst the rice was being cooked by bringing to the boil for 3-5 minutes, after which the heat was reduced to medium setting. Then the stock was added as well as the carrots, petit pois, sweet peppers, onion, sweetcorn, hot pepper sauce (optional) and allowed to cook for 5 minutes on a low heat.

During the whole time we were cooking, the filming was taking place. We had to talk loudly and clearly to explain each step.


In the meantime, we carefully washed our salmon fillets to place them on top of the rice. Then we sprinkled over coarse black pepper, some fresh coriander and two lime wedges.


We covered and cooked for a further 10 minutes, then turned off the heat and allowed the dish to cool down for 5 minutes before using a fork to flake the salmon  into the rice and vegetables, ensuring an even mix.


By the time we finished our washing up, our dish was ready to be served.


Last Sunday 16th August I went to the editing session, which was at the CVA Resource Centre. We were required to use earphones for the video editing. Craig, the Video Editor was very engaging as he taught the class how to add text, images and audio to our cooking videos.


For this session, I worked with Chelsy (the granddaughter of Jaye, another bite buddy), as my daughter was unavailable that day. Chelsy was very helpful in completing the tasks set and we worked really well together.


For the final session this Sunday 23rd August, my daughter will be able to attend again, and I’m looking forward to working with her to create our recipe webpage together.

What will be on our webpage?

Describe your final recipe,
along with photos, and the video of your dish.

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