Recipes for a rainy day

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Apparently it’s quite a British thing to talk about the weather. So I’ll begin by saying that it was a very wet, grey and windy day at the start of the first Bite Buddies workshop. Of course this is nothing new, but it really did make you appreciate the mini breakfast stall that was waiting for us as we walked into the hall – hot tea and croissants, yes please!

It was quite a feat to drag myself out of bed that morning, not a pleasant sight I can assure you, but once I met all the fantastic participants and volunteers it was definitely well worth it. The level of energy and enthusiasm that was felt throughout the morning was brilliant, definitely a good sign for the weeks to come!

My cooking partner is the lovely Jannette, a bubbly lady who I immediately began to have a conversation with about her travels – of course whilst trying some of her homemade jam. Strawberry and ginger, absolutely delicious! Perhaps something I’ll have to challenge myself to make soon…


The two of us found a similar interest in Moroccan cooking; Jannette having been to Morocco a few years ago was inspired by the culture and cuisine whereas I on the other hand just wanted to try something new. As we were ushered into the computer suite we searched for tagines, a slow cooked traditional hotpot that consists of different kinds of vegetables and meat, chicken or fish.

Scrolling through the lists of search hits we had to make sure the cooking time was less than an hour – which wasn’t particularly easy with this kind of dish as the meat or chicken is required to be cooked slowly for all the flavours to develop.

Thankfully, we finally came upon a fish tagine on the ever trusted BBC Good Food website. This dish is full of all the warm flavours and spices that the two of us enjoy from this type of cuisine. And would you look at that, a cook time of 25 minutes. Perfect!

Fish tagine with saffron & almonds

After confirming the ingredients, method and equipment with Julie, we were set to take on the cooking session next week. I’m not sure what the bigger challenge will be – making the cooking video or waking up for another early start (we’re the first pair to cook)! I guess we’ll have to wait and see 😉

I’m super excited to be cooking this dish with Jannette, and filming how we do it to share with everyone else. Stay tuned for more updates over the next few weeks!

Also, Julie had set me another challenge on the side – to make a mug cake! This might not sound extremely difficult, but it was an interesting experiment for me. I was a bit wary of taking on this challenge, as I prefer the traditional oven for the baking of cakes. But I did the challenge nonetheless, and can now appreciate why there’s such a following for mug cakes. There was only one mug and spoon to wash up for a start, and the cake turned out extremely rich and moist.

Check out my thoughts on making cakes in mugs, and to see how my very own ‘Banana bread mug cake‘ turned out.

Will you be cooking
next week too?

Jannette and I will be the first pair to cook and film – nerve wracking!

Will you also cook on Sunday 2nd August?

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