Learn how to make your own cooking video

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Connect through food and tech

This Summer make new friends, or strengthen existing relationships, and learn new food and tech skills, by making a cooking video with someone else from your local community of Croydon.

Watch the quick video above as our Cooking Tutor and Nutritionist, Alicia Lewis shows you how to make Dorayaki, an easy-to-make Japanese pancake filled with anko (adzuki bean paste). For photos and the recipe visit Alicia’s blog, Kitchen Takeovers.

The video has been edited by Craig Macdonald, who will be leading the video editing workshop. He’s added some text, simple buttons, our logo and removed some sections so that it’s under 3 minutes long (it was originally triple that size and recorded across two videos).

Every Sunday, from 26th July to 23rd August, we’ll be running workshops to take you through the steps of creating your own cooking video and webpage, so that you can gain (or improve) your cooking and digital skills.

During the workshops you’ll work in pairs, with someone from the opposite age group. Or you could join the workshops as a family pair e.g. a grandmother cooking with her grandson. Together you’ll decide on a recipe and buy the ingredients online (funded by Bite Buddies).

Work with someone from the opposite age group so that you both challenge your communication, negotiation and team building skills

Capture your cooking session by filming the whole experience. Then edit your video and create your cooking webpage to show your friends and family. 

Do something different this Summer, register today to create your cooking video.

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